Sheds and logstores course

We had a great shed building course at White House Farm. Over the two days we built the frame, door and roof for a small shed and completed a logstore. It was great to use cedar shingles for the roof, very pleasant to work with and giving a great look. We will be running the course again on the 13th and 14th October. You will learn basic carpentry skills, look at different structures on site and learn about a range of materials. In this photo you can see the completed frame and in the background a reused stained glass window.


Here is a detail I really like from a structure on site. The cladding planks alternately overlap  and have gaps with a very large, overhanging roof. This gives great shade and ventilation, ideal for our recent heat wave.


We will have a shed and log store available for sale shortly and I will upload pictures as soon as they are completed.