Craftco Exhibition with Derek Chambers

Our joint exhibition is drawing to a close and ends on Wednesday 28th April so there is still time to do along and have a look. Some of the furniture and turned vessels will be on show at Open Studios in June. There is an accompanying book, “Walking with Peter”. It describes the walks I did with my father, Peter, along the Suffolk Coast which were the inspiration for this series of vessels. We would wild camp, often in the winter and became really familiar with the sometimes wild and desolate but beautiful coastline. The book, with illustrations from my father’s sketchbooks, is available directly from me price £7-50 including post.

Three vessels, Cherry and Apple from the exhibition.

A view of the Craftco gallery with some of the stool/tables in chestnut and Ash. The legs have a hint of colour and the hollow vessels are in ash and Laburnham.