Making a clay pizza oven at Parkgate Farm.


This week I had a great time leading a small group making a clay Pizza oven. On the first day we built the base using bricks from a dismantled storage heater and then made a former from sand about 12″ high and covered it with wet newspaper. After mixing the clay with sand and grass we then carefully built the dome over the sand former, adding a chimney and door arch. We left it for a couple of days to dry and then cut out the doorway and scooped out the sand. We lit a fire and carefully fed this with small sticks for the next couple of hours. Unfortunately I had mistimed the drying out and hunger forced us to ¬†cook the excellent Pizza that Chris and the team had prepared in the house oven ! In an ideal world it would be best to fire the oven until it is completely dry and then the next day fire again for cooking as the drying out process takes alot of time and heat.


Firing underway, I forgot to say that we had a great time sculpting the kiln and building the chimney. If you would like a clay pizza / bread oven built or would like a course please get in touch.