Whirlygigs and whimmy diddles, some new work for Open Studios.


It is Suffolk Open Studios soon and I will be opening on 13 & 14th of June. I have been looking forward to it and have busy making some new work, wind toys or maybe I should call them wind vanes. Its a project thats been in the back of my mind for quite a few years and this month I decided to make some workshop time and in the process learning lots about propellor theory. I hope you enjoy them !

A willow bower for the Byre Theatre.


I have just completed a willow bower that will be used as a prop at the Byre Theatre in St. Andrews. The design was based on bowers made for the “Snowdrops by Starlight” event at Cambo Estate where they were used as play houses for children. However this one was commissioned to hold a Pagan Idol for a play by Gluck on the 17 & 18th of June.

They are great as play houses in the garden and being quite small and light can be moved around easily. They are available to order, get in touch if you would like one !

Making Traditional English Wooden Eating Spoons.


We have reprinted Eric Rogers Booklet and at last it is available again.   Eric has spent alot of time researching wooden eating spoons and studying the few that have been preserved, including those from the Mary Rose. The 17 page, black and white booklet covers the basics of selecting the wood, tools, carving and finishing a spoon in the Medieaval style and is still a great introduction to spoon carving. The booklet costs £3.95 plus 95p post and pack. To order a copy send a cheque to Jon Warnes, Charnwood, Millbank Park, Cupar, Fife KY15 5EP.

Also available, “Working with Living Willow”, a 22 page booklet covering the basics of working with living willow to create arches, domes, fences, tunnels etc. Included are sections on planting and weaving techniques. £1.95 plus 95p post and pack.

Willow booklet

Tool reviews

After many years experience of using and selling specialist green woodworking and carving tools I thought it would be great to add some tool reviews to the site. From modern tools such as tenon cutters which are great for chair making through to traditional Swedish made carving tools there is a whole range from good to really good. So as soon as the workshop is up and running I will start a series of reviews. Below are a pair of great spoon knives from Svante Djarv.


Getting ready for May

workshopviewTheres quite alot to do but it is a great location with a beautiful view across the fields. The bees are out on warm days and the sheep will be arriving in the field next door soon.

Some course dates at last!

Courses at Woodland Workshops, Suffolk

Our new course list is finally up, we have a great range of courses from rustic chair making, spooncarving, bench making through to willow weaving and clay oven making. Please see the course page for details and dates.

Short 3 hour taster sessions are occasionally available including sharpening sessions. Please phone or email for details. A simple vegetarian lunch is included in the fee as well as plenty of tea and coffee. Please note that no dogs are allowed on site at. Plenty of accommodation is available locally.

07732 799 072    jon.warnes@zen.co.uk

Its the end of the willow cutting season

willowI have just finished cutting the willow on my patch and it is a mix of some rather ugly but useful biomass willow and a really great basketry willow. A lovely lime green bark and very pliable. While I was cutting I found a birds nest from last year nestled in among the stems of an older coppice stool.

Willow weaving at Glenfarg

glenfargWe had a great course at Glenfarg village hall learning how to make willow plant supports. After learning the basic techniques people got creative and began turning them into sculptures.

New greenwood workshop in Suffolk

Opening soon a new greenwood workshop in North Suffolk. Look out for the course list which will be uploaded soon. Courses will include spooncarving, chairmaking, willow weaving and rustic work along with a few extras such as clay bread oven making.