Courses at Woodland Workshops, Suffolk


Date Course Days Cost Venue
 November 20th The four willow birds of Christmas  1 day £75 Suffolk
 July 17th Willow Bittern sculptures 1 day £45 RSPB Minsmere
tbc Willow chicken protectors 1 day £75 Email or phone for details


Willow plant supports 1 day £40 Fully booked



Courses descriptions.

Willow Bitterns, we will be making willow sculptures of the rare and iconic Bittern which lives in the reed beds at Minsmere. They are more usually heard than seen ! This one day workshop will be based at the education centre on RSPB Minsmere and lunch can be bought in the cafe or bring your own.Dtinks and biscuits will be provided. Skills learnt can be used to make other bird and animal sculpture for your garden.

Willow plant supports for the garden, we will be making plant supports for the garden and in the process learning basic skills. At the end of the day you should have a plant support to take home and some new skills. Suitable for beginners upwards.

Willow chicken protectors, I learnt to make these in Southern Germany but never found out if they were to keep the chickens in or out ! They have a strong three rod whale as a base and are about two feet in diameter and between two and three feet high. They are made in the ground but can be moved around when made.

Next course dates to be confirmed but if you have a group of four people I can arrange a course to suit you.

Chicken guards-2

Rustic furniture from coppice wood. You will learn how to make a chair from small diameter roundwood using traditional tools and modern tenon cutters to create strong mortice and tenon joints

Spooncarving, an introduction. Using freshly cut, local wood you will learn to make in simple spoon to take home with you.

Bowlcarving, an introduction. Using gouges, drawknives and spokeshaves you will be able to carve a shallow eating bowl from locally sourced wood.

Making a clay oven. Working in a small group you will make an oven from clay with a wooden door and if time decorate it and add a chimney. There will be an oven on site that we can use to cook with.

Make a shaving horse or slab bench. You will learn to use traditional tools to cleave and shape legs from green wood and build your bench. If bench making you may have time for some low relief carving to decorate your bench top. There will be a materials charge of £25

Introduction to green woodwork. You will learn to cleave and shape green wood using simple tools and shape some kitchen utensils.

Cleft chairs. A short but intense course making a simple chair from a log using traditional hand tools. There will be a small charge for seating materials.


I also run a series of short 2 ½ hour taster courses in whittling, making a willow planter, making willow lanterns (suitable for accompanied children) and introduction to green woodwork. They cost £48 each for two or more people, phone or email for availability.

Courses are based near Saxmundham in Suffolk.   We mostly use hand tools and green wood, wood which is unseasoned and easy to work and locally sourced. Times are usually 10am – 4.30pm and include a simple lunch and refreshments. To book ‘phone or email.

Some tools and books may be available to purchase on the day.

Jon Warnes

07732 799 072