Whirligigs and wind vanes


I have some new wind toys and whirligigs available, handmade mostly in larch with brass bearings and fittings. They are best mounted on a pole to catch the wind and maybe brought in for the winter for a rest, being outdoors in all weathers is a hard life. Please ‘phone or email for prices and designs.

Here is another I made yesterday, The head moves in a random way and the brass sail keeps him pointing into the wind. It has been very windy here so they have been whirring away. (Sold)


Here is another, this time with a double propellors rotating in opposite directions. £54 plus post and pack.


For fun I made some Owls, pull the branch they are sitting on (gently !) and they climb up the string to the pulley at the top. Let go and they fly down with whirring wings. They all vary, £29 plus post and pack.


Here they are, with and without ears. They are approximately 6 1/2cm tall with a wingspan of 20cm. Definitely not for children.